Lopetegui, Sevilla FC manager, during the match against Extremadura
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The manager is sure the weekend's objectives have been completed: "We gave minutes to everyone just a week before the league starts"

Julen Lopetegui assessed the final week of pre-season after last night's draw against Extremadura"We've played two consecutive games in order to give everybody some minutes, and luckily we've had no injuries. We've got Kjaer and Reguilón back, who had been out injured with knocks, and the main aims were completed although we always want to win. The last minute goals in both game will help us to learn and know how to manage the game better in those last few minutes". 

The Basque manager went further, analysing the team's prepartion: "It's been a positive pre-season in every sense, the work, the intensity, the workload. We gave minutes to everyone just a week before the league starts and it's very important that everyone is prepared for the start of the season". 

After more than a month of work, the start of the season is close: "What we all want is here now. We have to prepare well for the Espanyol match with a lot of excitement, care, and ambition of course. There have been many changes to the squad, a lot of signings who are adapting well and knowing what is needed to play here, how demanding it is. They have to conslidate this and grow, knowing it's a 38 game marathon and they have to continue to be prepared until the end of the season.  

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