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Sevilla, with a worth of €352 million, find themselves in the prestigious yearly report by KPGM once more. They are the twenty-fourth most valuable club in Europe and the fourth in Spain

Sevilla FC remain one of the thirty most valuable European clubs according to the annual report 'The European Elite' put together by the prestigious auditing firm KPMG. The report is an exhaustive analysis of clubs' profitability, TV money income, popularity, sporting potential and stadium value, amongst many other variables. The report is based on the past two seasons - 2016/17 and 2017/18.

Sevilla FC have a value of €352 million, moving up from 28th spot last year to 24th

Sevilla FC, with a worth of €352 million, find themselves in the twenty-fourth spot in the prestigious report which has Real Madrid as the most valuable club. The Nervionenses, compared to last year's report, have moved up four places, having finished the 2017/18 season in twenty-eighth.

Sevilla are the fourth most valuable club in Spain. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are the clubs above them. Sevilla have also improved their position in this respect as last year they finished behind Athletic Bilbao who now find themselves in fifth. Villarreal CF find themselves behind Sevilla in thirty-first, while Valencia no longer find themselves in the list having been included last year.

The Nervionenses' worth has grown €36 million, representing a growth of 11%

Sevilla FC's value has grown €36 million compared to 2018's report, from €316 to €352 million, representing a growth of 11%. Sevilla are the thirteenth club of the thirty with the highest growth.

La Liga can boast of six clubs in KPMG's report, the same as Serie A. Both leagues find themselves behind the Premier League which has nine teams. The German and French leagues have three teams, Turkey two and the Dutch, Scottish and Portuguese leagues contain one each.

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