Óliver Torres
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Óliver Torres featured on Radio Marca Sevilla on Tuesday to speak about football's return

Óliver Torres featured today on Radio Marca Sevilla. The man from Extremadura spoke about the return to competitive football and the key different element during this, the matches taking place without fans: "We have to think about the people who'd like to be there supporting us. We'll have to give a little bit more when there's no more strength left, pulling it out from the gutsI hope we start with a win, it's what we all want". 

Beginning with a derby is even more demanding, in a situation in which the squad will, in some way, have to make home advantage count: "I've experienced very nice matches, each one has its own feeling. Here there is a healthy rivalry, that sense of humour that lasts for a month... Home advantage is important, but all matches start from zero in this situation. We have to try to make home advantage count even though it's behind closed doors". 

"We have to think about the people who'd like to be there supporting us"

He came to not see it clearly, but celebrates that football is back: "I thought it would not be played anymore, I had many doubts. We're all doing our bit to make sure everything goes well. Germany is the example to follow. It will be possible to play normally, in inverted commas. It will be a different league, there will be strange results because the conditions are strange. Everything will be decided by details and we want those details to fall on our side".

Also, he wanted to definitively leave behind the recent controversy: "My teammates have assumed responsibility for their mistake. We know that we are an example for society and we also have to talk about their apologiesWe are all a family and family is there to pick up the member who falls". 

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