Fernando atiende a los MMOO en Alemania
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The midfielder spoke to SFC media this Tuesday in Germany

If there is one thing Fernando has in mind, it is to work, work and work give his best to Sevilla FC. That much was clear when the new signing sat down with SFC media for an interview: "These weeks have been very good, we are working well, we continue working and I'm very happy. I was expecting that it would be a little more difficult to adapt, but no, all the players are very good teammates and I love them, I'm very happy. It was very easy to adapt because everyone helps you".

Fernando has some experience with Nolito and Navas, who he played with at Man City: "They're very good teammates, I've worked with them at City and I'm very happy to be here with them. Nolito remains the same, always with jokes, and Navas the same, has not changed. They're very good teammates.

"The demands are high at Sevilla FC and I'm going to work hard to meet them"

He also had positive words for another new signing, Nemanja Gudelj: "He's a very good player, we hope that he does as well here as in other teams and can help us"; on Banega: "He has a lot of talent, I like to play with him a lot"; Franco Vázquez: "He also has a lot of talent with the ball, it's difficult to take it away from him"; or Joan Jordán: "He's very good, the truth is that everyone has a lot of talent. The truth is that Sevilla FC has a very good team". Fernando knows that "the demands at Sevilla FC are very high and I'm going to work a lot every day to be at the level that Sevilla FC needs"; he also seemed ready to fight for a starting spot: "Yes, it's difficult, but I'm going to work a lot to earn it". 

Naturally, he comes to Sevilla looking "to win matches. We played well, I've been comfortable with my teammates and we have to continue working to help the team. I'm very comfortable, it's in the position I've always played, although, wherever it is, I always hope to do my best to help the team," he adds about his position as a defensive midfielder.

"We need to win more games to have even more confidence"

As for the system used by Lopetegui, for Fernando it's "very clear, we have to have the ball as much as possible and arrive at the opponent's area as quickly as possible. And when we lose the ball, close down fast too". Even so, Fernando says there is still a lot of work to be done: "We've won five games, even if they're friendlies, you always have to win, but we need to win more to be confident. It's too early to compete, you have to work much harder, but you can already see a very good system".

"I'm going to give my best to give the fans the best year possible" 

In fact, Fernando's goal is none other than "to win as many games as possible. And that's what we have to concentrate on"; although, he's also looking forward to playing in the Sánchez-Pizjuán: "It's always been very difficult to play there and we have to continue like that, now I'm wearing the shirt of Sevilla FC. We have to be strong at home and win games, because my goal is to win as much as possible". Finally, he sent a message to the fans: "I'm going to work hard, give my best so that the fans have the best possible year".

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