Banega's header made it 1-2
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The Argentine spoke to official media after the match against Hoffenheim, where he scored the winner.

Éver Banega, who scored the second and decisive goal against Hoffenheim, spoke to official media after the match in Germany, where Sevilla FC came from behind to win and maintain their winning streak in pre-season: "Yes, it's another victory, in pre-season the team is feeling better and better. Of course, it's pre-season, but there isn't long left until the league starts, and we're feeling good, it's important".

The win was even better, as it was against a side from the Bundesliga: "Yes, we've faced a very good side, you could see it in the first half when, at times, they got the better of us with the ball. Afterwards, we knew how to read the match and win. At first we were playing through the middle, and then after a few minutes we realised the key was to play down the wings. It was then when we could play a bit calmer and find opportunities". 

It was an important goal from Banega, which handed the victory to Lopetegui's men."I'm happy with the win, and how we won. The goal was welcome, but the team is always the most important".

"We're trying to adapt as quickly as possible to the manager's system"

Asked about how the team feels, Banega admitted that, "the truth is, we have new coaching staff, we're intelligent and we've played in different systems. There's nothing new in what he asks us for. We're trying to adapt as quickly as possible to the manager's system. When you're in pre-season and you have time to work, you learn things better. Spending days away has been very good for us so that we can adapt in the best way possible, and so we're getting results".

And this summer, there is more time to prepare compared to last season: "Of course some of us have come from international duty, but this time we've had the majority of the team together, so we've worked a bit differently. There's a few weeks left and the important thing is getting ready for the next friendlies, then we'll have the pleasure of starting the league".

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