Alfonso Pastor
First team


The goalkeeper from Córdoba spoke about training with the first team over the last few weeks

Alfonso Pastor came to Sevilla FC aged 13 and, over the last few weeks, is living a dream. The youngster from Córdoba is one of four goalkeepers working in the first team with José Luis Silva and he could not hide his happiness on SFC Radio on Friday: "Of course, I'm enjoying it. It's always a joy to train with the first team and even more so after so much time at home. You hope they call you up, to keep doing what you love best with the first team, a lot more. It is a pride while there are these complicated circumstances, knowing that all the academy teams are going to be resting for many months. I want to take the opportunity and be ready for what may happen". 

The goalkeeper acknowledges that he is ready: "I feel good, because the days we were at home we took it very seriously, trying not to lose our shape and doing everything we were told to do. Physically and mentally I feel pretty good". He also talked about the alternatives in goal: "They are exceptional, very good teammates, and they help you with everything. They are very close and considering what they are within the club and LaLiga, they treat me as part of the team".

After so many years, he assures us that he dreams of making a career at Sevilla: "I've been at the club for seven years and as you say Sevilla is my life. They've given me everything and educated me here. I have this dream of making my debut, getting a place and staying for many years. I love living here, I am close to home and I am made for this life. I'm prepared for whatever comes my way, I've got years left on my contract and I don't know what will happen. If I have to play next year in the reserves, I will do it and I'll be delighted, and if not, whatever comes next".

"I've got years left on my contract here and I'm ready for whatever comes my way"

Alfonso knows that he is a goalkeeper at the service of any level of the club: "Since we were children, they teach us that we all play for Sevilla and we will be wherever the circumstances require. I had a good year in the reserves and the first team is different. Vaclík and Bono are two top-level goalkeepers and there's also Javi Díaz, there's a very healthy competitiveness, always with a good feeling and respect, doing the best we can do for the coach to decide".

Lopetegui, who was also a goalkeeper, is very attentive to the academy players: "He is good and close. He welcomed us on the first day and explains everything. He tries to help us in everything and gives us advice, more with the goalkeepers because he tells us how he acted and what he did. He is a great coach and I am super happy". He is also very happy for his team-mates in the reserve team: "It's my first year with Juanlu and I met Pablo this year too. I've been with the rest of the team for half my life and it's a pride for all of us who have been called up to the first team".

"Lopetegui welcomed us and tells us about his experience as a keeper"

He concluded by referring to next Thursday's match: "When I arrived here, one of the first games I saw in the stadium was the derby. I enjoyed it like a little boy, both in the build-up and with the fans. Without the fans it's going to be strange because the home advantage does have an influence, but the team is in great shape and I hope we can play a great game and take all three points".

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