El Sevilla FC Cadete campeón de Rugby
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The tournament was held over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of June at the José Ramón Cisneros Palacios Sports Village. The Final saw a Sevilla FC win over Olímpico de Madrid with a 17-12 scoreline

40 years ago Sevillismo celebrated a great victory that had nothing to do with football. Over the weekend of the the 3rd and 4th of June in 1978, the Sevillista youth rugby team played in the Spanish Championship, experiencing enormous success in the Club's Rugby area, created in 1969 with the incorporation of the sporting and organisation structure of Club Nao Victoria, directed by coach José María Ruiz Romero Rosco and assistant Salvador González Maguila.

The Sevillista triumph was a slow-burner. The Nervión side had to pass through a series of rounds, beating other historical sides such as Ciencias CR, Club Amigos Rugby Club, and Instituto Pino Montano. In the previously fought Andalusian Championship, they defeated Málaga which saw them bag a deserved place in the national Spanish Championship. 

The Spanish Tournament was held in Seville at the José Ramón Cisneros Palacios Sports Village and received an unexpected amount of support. On the Saturday, the Sevilla FC side beat Barcelona team BUC 16-4 whilst Olímpico de Madrid bagged a win against Calasanz de Santander with a 23-4 scoreline. The matchday finished with a Sevilla FC victory over Calasanz (30-4) and a 16-4 win for Olímpico against BUC, seeing the Nervión boys qualify for the final against Olímpico de Madrid.

An incredible atmosphere for the final saw Sevilla FC bag a 17-12 win over the Madrid team, making them the first Andalusian side to be crowned champions of the national youth tournament. 

The team that made history that weekend was made up of Santiago Pozas, Rafael Ruiz, Ramón Ramos, Víctor Paneque, Ricardo Acedo, Adamuz, Francisco J. Pedrero, Juan Toledo Topi, Miguel Lázaro Miki, Olegario Moriche, Luís Mateos, Fermín Lazpiur, Juan Luís Morales, Jorge Dastis, Pepe Beaus, Alonso Cantero, Ignacio Labat, Tato, Pepe El Gordo, Francisco Carmona and coaches Antonio Buzón and Antonio Ruiz Tete.

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