Sevilla FC win the Troféu Cinco Violinos
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After a superb first half and a composed finish from Tecatito, the tables turned in the second half and Sporting found a deserved equaliser but fell short in the penalties
Cuerpo Superior

The second game for Sevilla FC this preseason and the second draw. And the feelings are positive once more. The team had a great first half, dominating Sporting and they went into the break one goal to the good after a top finish from Tecatito.

Sporting came out stronger in the second half and would find an equaliser with ten minutes to go. The Troféu Cinco Violinos would be decided on penalties and Sevilla did not miss a beat, scoring six penalties.

As we saw last week in South Korea, the Sevilla of this season not only looks to dominate possession - a key trait of Lopetegui's football. This Sevilla looks to be more vertical, press high and capitalise on any mistakes from the opponent.

They are traits that had been present since Julen's arrival but the circumstances of the second half of last season had prevented them from shining. Navas sent off a warning in five minutes with a good cross from the right that Coates had to head for a corner. The next warning would end in a goal.

Adán tried to play it out from the back but Óliver pounced on it. He didn't dwell on the ball and immediately found Tecatito, making the most of Sporting's defence being out of position. Tecatito controlled and it fired the ball across the goalkeeper.

The first thirty minutes were particularly impressive, both in terms of the football and the physical effort, against a team who tried to attack on the counterattack but could not get beyond Rekik and José Ángel in defence. We would also have counters of our own, with Rafa Mir missing one chance. 

Lopetegui made seven changes at the break, with Sporting even changing their kit. That's not the only thing that changed as the Portuguese side regained control of the game. Saying that, En-Nesyri had a chance moments after the kick-off but Adán was on hand to block his shot.

Sporting worked their way into the game and had good chances from Gonçalves and Paulinho. Lopetegui made more changes on the hour mark with Pablo Pérez, Kike Salas, Ocampos and Montiel coming on.

It seemed that Sevilla had weathered the Sporting storm with the game running to its end. But with eight minutes to go, Paulinho get in between the two centre-backs and fired the ball beyond Dmitrović. Sporting would even win a penalty moments later, but VAR was on hand to spot Edwards' simulation.

It would be decided on penalties which saw every Sevilla player convert. Fatawu for Sporting was the twelfth player to take and the first to miss as we came away with the Troféu Cinco Violinos.

Cuerpo Inferior


1. SPORTING CP: Adán, Pedro Porro, Coates, Gonçalo Inácio, Reis, Ugarte, Matheus, Nuno Santos, Trincão, Pedro Gonçalves and Paulinho. Morita, Edwards, Rochinha, Fatawu and Tabata.

1. SEVILLA FC: Bono, Jesús Navas, Rekik, Carmona, Acuña, Rakitic, Fernando, Óliver Torres, Lamela, Tecatito and Rafa Mir. Dmitrovic, Gudelj, Delaney, Papu Gómez, Joan Jordán, Munir, En-Nesyri, Pablo Pérez, Kike Salas, Ocampos, Montiel, Suso, Pedro Ortiz and Iván Romero.

GOALS: 0-1, 15': Tecatito; 1-1, 82': Paulinho.

(5) Sporting CP: Pedro Porro (goa), Pedro Gonçalves (goal), Rochinha (goal), Tabata (goal), Edwards (goal) and Fatawu (miss).
(6) Sevilla FC: Gudelj (goal), Ocampos (goal), Papu Gómez (goal), Joan Jordán (goal), Suso (goal) and Montiel (goal).

REFEREE: Antonio Nobre. Yellows for Acuña, Tabata and Edwards.