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A report released by La Liga confirms that the Sevillistas finished last season as well positioned among audience rankings as in the league table, both on a national and international scale

Following statistical analysis from the 2016/2017 season, La Liga has released a detailed report based on club audiences corresponding to last year. The report emphasised a growth in the Nervión club both nationally and internationally, with Sevilla FC ranked the fourth most viewed club of La Liga in both categories.

It goes without saying that major clubs Real Madrid and FC Barcelona take home the biggest slice of the cake. In fact, the Madrid team is ranked the most viewed team in Spain (24.28% of the total) followed by Barcelona (21.04%), securing almost 45% of total audiences between the two major clubs. Following Atlético Madrid, who held a strong 7.62%, stands Sevilla FC, whose audience percentage at a national level sits at 4.43% with an average of 9,775,000 spectators. The rest of the top 10 (at a national level) place in the following order: Valencia CF, Athletic Club, Málaga CF, UD Las Palmas and Real Betis. To supplement the impact of each club, La Liga has calculated what is referred to as adjusted average audience, applying coefficients to the calculations according to fixtures and days theoretically less prone to larger audiences, estimating, for each of the clubs, a percentage of fans attending all matches. 

The club boasts a 4.43% share at national level and 3,3% at international level

If these figures are extended to include countries that can view La Liga fixtures, including countries that can watch live, pre-recorded or repeated matches, the percentage shares held by the 2 major clubs (previously ranked 1st and 2nd )  noticeably increase. In fact, FC Barcelona - ranked first with the greatest percentage share in this classification - and Real Madrid, ranked second, have a combined percentage of 57.52% of audiences. Atlético sits in third place with 6.38% whilst Sevilla is once again fourth in the rankings with a share of 3.3% and an average audience of 79,072,000 spectators. The top 10, from fifth place onwards, looks like this: Valencia CF, Athletic Club, Villarreal CF, Real Betis, Real Sociedad and Málaga CF. 

La Liga has also released an average ranking between national and international audiences that produce the following ranking for the 16/17 season: 1.FC Barcelona (25.91%) - 2.Real Madrid (25.81%) - 3.Atlético Madrid (7%) - 4.Sevilla FC (3.87%) - 5.Valencia CF (3.38%) - 6.Villarreal CF (2.98%) - 7.Athletic Club (2.8%) - 8.Málaga CF (2.47%) - 9.Real Betis (2.45%) - 10.UD Las Palmas (2.34%) - 11.Real Sociedad (2.33%) - 12.RC Celta de Vigo (2.26%) - 13.RCD Espanyol (2.22%) - 14.RC Deportivo (2.21%) - 15.SD Eibar (2.13%) - 16.Real Sporting (2.05%) - 17.Granada CF (2.03%) - 18.Deportivo Alavés (1.95%) - 19.CD Leganés (1.95%) - 20.CA Osasuna (1.86%).

Sevilla Atlético, seventh in LaLiga 1|2|3

In respect of the report for the Second Division, the figures for Sevilla Atlético show equally impressive results. Last season the team was ranked the seventh most viewed team with a percentage share of 4.98% and an audience, on average, of 578,000 spectators. In this case, the percentage differences between teams are much narrower, with Real Zaragoza placing first with 7.99% of total viewers. Cádiz CF (6.45%) and Real Oviedo (6.09%) follow close behind to complete the podium. 

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