Monchi, 500 wins as Sporting Director
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The feat was achieved this Sunday against the league leaders, leaving Monchi with a win rate of 50.86% in his 983 games

Monchi and Sevilla FC go hand-in-hand. While he did not know it, that young goalkeeper from San Fernando, recruited by Pablo Blanco, would go on to have a huge role in the history of the Club. It came about from the immense difficulties the Club experienced at the start of the century, now two decades ago. Roberto Alés could see before anyone else in Monchi not only a Sevillista prepared to do anything for his club, but a consummate professional for the job at hand. And Monchi, from the ground up, built a Sporting Department with the limited resources at his disposal.

Just over twenty years later, that Sporting Director who got the job almost by accident now gives talks and lectures - unfortunately these days over the computer - to explain, if it is at all possible to explain, how that Sevilla in the Second Division is now such a role model both on and off the pitch. And the stats speak for the success of Monchi. With last Sunday's win against Atlético Madrid, Sevilla reached their 500th win under Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo in 983 games.

Monchi has presided over 674 La Liga games, 155 in Europe and 107 in the Copa del Rey

In two spells, with a quick stopover in Italy, Monchi has presided over 983 games as Sporting Director in a total of seven competitions: La Liga (674), the UEFA Europa League (107), the Copa del Rey (106), the UEFA Champions League (42), Second Division (42), the UEFA Super Cup (6), and the Spanish Super Cup (6). His total win rate stands at just over a win every two matches at 50.86%. He is also unbeaten in 71.5% of the matches. The best win rate comes, unsurprisingly, in the Europa League where Monchi's Sevilla have won 58.8% of their matches and have only been defeated in 18.7%.

But if there is one competition that serves as a barometer between the Sevilla of the 20th century and the 21st, it is the domestic league. And Monchi has now overseen 674 league matches in La Liga, 26.42% of the Club's entire 2,551 games in the highest division of Spanish football. These 674 matches can be broken down in 318 wins (47.18%), 150 draws (22.25%), and 206 losses (30.56%). Without Monchi in charge, the Club's win rate stands at 39.58%, almost eight percent lower than with Monchi. This difference is reflected also in losses: Without Monchi the Club have lost 36.4% of First Division matches, six percent higher than with him.

With Monchi, the Club have won more than 47% of their matches in La Liga - almost eight percent more than without him

Monchi shares his role with numerous colleagues. But his involvement with the Club goes beyond his profession as he lives day-to-day with the squad, the staff and the Board. Without Monchi, Sevilla FC would not be what it is. And long may the Monchi reign continue.

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