Jose Castro speaks to the media
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The Chaiman was expectant before Sevilla's Champions League opener with Liverpool, claiming: "we will not be novices"

Club Chairman José Castro spoke to the press before Sevilla departed for Liverpool for their Champions League Group Stage tie. "There's no place better than Anfield" to play first, said the Chairman, who spoke about the sense of satisfaction filling Sevillistas over the world: "A third consecutive year in the Champions League and a debut at Anfield, against a legendary team... And we won't do so as novices, we'll do so as the sixth highest UEFA coefficient and as a team who won a Europa League final against Liverpool... We've played a lot of games and carry a lot of experience in Europe and I hope we are able to get a good result against a very difficult opponent."

On the same lines, he showed himself hopeful that "we can play the football the team is capable of in a legendary setting." According to him, it is well known that the team and the squad are: "no worse than last season, and for that reason, must aspire to more. There are lots of new players, a new coaching staff and all that needs time to adjust. But I think we are already starting to see the capabilities of this side. Seven out of nine points is reason to be satisfied. We wanted a squad with two players for every position. I think other than Mudo Vázquez all the players have had minutes, it proves they're all needed. It's going to be very demanding." 

Finally asked about the club's legal actions against Vitolo, the Chairman said "we are going to take pertinent legal actions over the acceptance and validity of what we understand was a contract renewal signed by the player. After a legal investigation we understand we have reasons for the legal rights of Sevilla FC to be fulfilled... We are clear that this contract was binding from the moment it was written. We believe we have right on our side and lawyers agree. The lawyers have the mandate of the Administration Council of Sevilla to fight those who have wronged us."

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