Carlos Fernández speaking to official media
First team


The player knows the competition for places is fierce and is aware his loan spell in La Coruña has been very beneficial: "I saw it as a challenge and it was a good decision in every sense"

Carlos Fernández was one of the last to arrive, but nevertheless, he was back in Sevilla wanting to work with his teammates: "We're feeling good after a very long season that we finished just as July was starting. I'm getting a rhythm together, starting to feel good, getting that power in my legs that my teammates already had. I'm trying to get that rhythm and adapt to both the group and its dynamic. At the end of the day, the circumstances from the season before determine this, you start later on, with new coaching staff. You have to be in shape to get yourself back to that level, and you have the typical feelings about pre-season. 

After a great year at Deportivo, the man from Castilleja de Guzmán feels like he has grown up: "I think that it's been a great year in every sense, but there's the pain of not being able to put the cherry on top with missing out on promotion. It's been a step forward because it was the first time I left home, understanding the game better and living professional football close up, being a first-teamer and not in the academy. There wasn't anything else to compete for and it's been a positive year apart from the muscle injuries. I wanted to step forward by living on my own, in a different city, with different weather and a different culture. I saw it as a challenge and it was a very good decision in every sense. I can say that I'm a better footballer and a better person".

A year later, he returns to Sevilla as a changed man but he has similar feelings: "There wasn't anything new beyond returning to see my teammates. After a year you get used to everything and each club is different. This is something that I already knew and now I'm finding it out again. Maybe the atmosphere surprised me despite there being so many new players. There is a good team spirit, which is a positive in a very long season like the one that awaits us". 

"After my loan at Deportivo I can say that I'm a better footballer and a better person"

As soon as he returned from his break he played against Everton: "In that process of adapting, I think it was the fourth day with the team, at the end of the day you have to try to be the best you can and push on. It's true that I didn't participate much and it was my first game back, but it was positive above all because the team was able to win. The manager's philosophy is based on dynamic football, it's about having the ball and winning it back quickly after losing it. These characteristics are good for us and we hope to keep on playing at this level because a very interesting year awaits us". Although his excitement is very high, Carlos knows the competition for places is also the same: "I'm the first person that's aware of the level required here and the sporting situation at the club. I'm 23 and I can't stop after last season. I need the most continuity possible and we'll keep watching the philosophy of the club, to see what suits us and what's best for everyone".

As a sevillista, the forward was asked if he thinks the new signings have the right profile that please people in Nervión: "The player that's pleasing to see in the Sánchez-Pizjuán, or at least what I've lived through as a fan, is a player that's happy, active on the ball, and shows that courage but without being aggressive. They all have it here and Sevilla makes everyone who arrives here have that competitive gene." He knows that the fans have got right on board with what the team are doing: "The fans have a special excitement and if they see that the players are feeling good and they identify with us, it's really important. Their excitement is ours and they too join us and win matches.

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