Joaquín Caparrós in the press room
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Caparrós said his farewells in the club's press room alongside the president, José Castro, and Monchi, as well as other board members and employees of the club

Joaquín Caparrós bid farewell to his third spell in charge of the club surrounded by members of the club: 'Thank you to the president, the sporting director and the board. Also to all of the employees. This club is full of great people which I've seen throughout all these years. It's important that the president and Monchi are here because, other than their professional position, they are my friends. Sevilla is my home and I'm very fortunate. Not many can enjoy this feeling - returning home, experiencing it all with the fans to whom I owe so much. I'm here to carry out a new role and I will do all I can to help the club grow.'

He was categorial when asked about how the past months have been for him: 'They have been incredibly intense. A bit of everything happened on and off the pitch. The season was a success because, yet again, we're in Europe. We just missed out on the Champions League which was the goal we set the previous manager and which we maintained on my arrival. The club should aspire to those heights but it's a success to be in Europe again. Many clubs would love to qualify for it and play amongst the continent's best.'

Caparrós embarks upon a new phase about which details will be given: 'I will try and transmit my experience and more details will be given shortly. Now, I'm focusing on what's to come and I'm preparing myself. That's what makes this club that little bit greater - how prepared their professionals are. We spoke in Tanzania and what I like to do is work with the academy, I'm a youth coach at heart. I enjoy that part of the game.'

Before saying that he could now enjoy Sevilla from Gol Norte, he confirmed that the decision to not continue had already been taken: 'I already knew I wouldn't stay on. I spoke about it with my family and some coaches knew. It was time to take a step back.' Furthermore, he was clear in that he can live with criticism: 'It's normal to be criticised when some players don't perform because the responsibility falls on the person who brought them. I accept the criticism. But football is a team sport and what counts are results. And at the end of the day we were successful. Although it is true that some players didn't give 100% but others gave even more than that.'

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