Sarabia at his goodbye press conference
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"The fans have given me so much. I only have words of gratitude for them", he said

Now a former Sevilla FC player, Pablo Sarabia - whose move to PSG was confirmed this morning - wanted to say goodbye after his three seasons at the Club. Speaking at the press room of the José Ramón Cisneros Palacios training village, Sarabia struggled to overcome his emotions at various points, when speaking directly to the Sevilla fanbase:

"I want to thank the media for the way you have treated me these three years, I have felt very loved. I have been enormously happy in this city and in this great club, I have felt a special affection from the fans. I have experienced very beautiful moments and some hard, I have learned from all of them and it has helped me to develop and be who I am today. All of this would not have been possible without the great family that makes up Sevilla FC. All the departments that make up the Club, colleagues, Chairman, board of directors and Monchi, who trusted me enough to bring me to the biggest club in Seville.

I've given everything for this club and this shirt, with varying success, but always giving everything. These last few months have been very complicated and difficult for me, both personally and professionally, with uncertain information. Anyone that knows me knows my honesty and my only objective has been to be focused on the team and achieve our goals. I remained silent so as not to harm anyone.

I start a very exciting stage of my career with a new challenge, where every athlete would like to be and I think I have to face it. Thank you very much for making me feel so special, I'm leaving here with great friends.

I'll always be a Sevillista, wherever I go. Thanks for everything."

After his statement, the Madrid-born midfielder responded to a number of questions from the media: "I arrived with a lot of excitement. The Club gave me a fantastic opportunity to be able to grow and from the first moment I've given everything in matches and training. My overall feeling is good, other than a few disappointing moments in some knockouts, but I'll remember it as a beautiful stage in my life. I've been happy", he said, when asked to evaluate his time at the Club.  

"It wasn't nice to tell Monchi my decision because I hold him in very high regard"

Sarabia continued, explaining, “it's been difficult for a while. I wanted to be focused on objectives until the end of the season but when the time came I told Monchi. It wasn't a nice thing to do because I hold him in very high regard. It wasn't easy to make this decision either". 

“I have a lot of memories. In football and with the friendships I've made. The one that stays with me is the day at Old Trafford, knocking out Manchester United and leaving the stadium silent, only hearing our fans singing. It was a really beautiful moment”, he said, when asked about his favourite memory.

"I have grown and matured here. Every coach has given me a new perspective"

About his profile, and what he learned from different coaches: "the Pablo who arrived here is not the same as he is today. In the personal aspect I have grown a lot for many reasons and when it comes to football I have matured, I have improved with goals and assists. Every coach has been different. I arrived with Emery and Sampaoli. For me, that was a reference on an attacking level, I did not conceive of football in any other way. Berizzo made me appreciate many other things and Machín has made me grow as a footballer in the aspect of goals and assists. From each one you learn one thing and you realise another way of seeing football and experiencing it

Finally, he concluded: “Many things have been said that differed from reality, but I just have to talk on the field and that's how I think I'm going to do well. I'm not going to ask for anything, because the fans have already given me a lot. I only have words of gratitude for them and I can say loud and clear that the communication has been completely transparent.”. 

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