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A reduction in price for a 'Total' season ticket, and the ability to buy 'league only' season tickets in all zones of the stadium are the two biggest changes2

One of the most important changes in this year's season ticket campaign is the extension of the 'league only' option to all zones of the stadium. Thanks to this change, season tickets will be available from 250 euros and 280 euros in the North and South Stands - where 23,631 seats (53.9% of the stadium) make up the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán's capacity.

All taken into account, more than half of the adult season tickets on sale can be purchased for a price between 250 and 340 Euros - the minimum and maximum prices to be found in the South and North Stands. Specifically, the league only season ticket will keep its price from the 18/19 season: 250 Euros in the Lower Stands and Upper Stands, and 280 Euros in the Upper middle-ring. The 'Total' season ticket, which includes all official matches for 19/20, will range from 310 to 340 Euros in the North and South stands. In the latter case, fans will have seen a price reduction of 25 to 30 Euros, albeit - owing to a change in format in the Copa del Rey - for fewer matches.

Family packages will be available for the first time in all zones of the West and East Stands

In the East stand, the lowest price will be 295 Euros - the price of a league only pass in the upper stands (previously unavailable). For a 'Total' season ticket, there will be a reduction between 30 and 65 Euros in all zones. A league only family pack will also be available in the East Stand for the first time ever. The family packs (of adult + junior) will range from 330 to 610 Euros (league only) and from 445 to 725 Euros (Total). Season tickets for disabled fans will also be available in this stand from 245 to 320 Euros (league only) and from 290 to 380 Euros (total). 

In the West Stand, league only prices will remain the same as last season - between 495 and 710 Euros. Total season tickets, depending on zones, will see a reduction between 45 and 75 Euros. Family packs will also be made available for the first time in all zones of this stand - with prices ranging (for an adult + junior pass) between 540 and 655 Euros. For total season tickets of this kind, prices will range between 725 and 1,060 Euros. 

In all zones, a new subscriber fee will be maintained of 50 Euros for adults and 30 Euros for U16s. 

Though not included in season tickets, tickets for the Antonio Puerta Trophy will be available for the symbolic fee of 1 Euro. 

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