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The slogan for Sevilla's 19/20 season ticket campaign

Spirit. Emotion. Values. Imagination. Love and loyalty. Always. The first word of each letter spelling out the name of our city and the name of Sevilla FC, and each letter backdropped by an iconic piece of Sevillian architecture. Sevilla through and through: my heart beats for the badge.

As has become customary in recent years, the calendar of the season ticket campaign will kick off with exclusively online renewals, available from the official website of the club from this Monday July 1st. This will be the only possible method of renewal until Monday 15, when the renewals will also be open in person at the ticket office of Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán. The latter alternative will last for two weeks from Monday to Friday. In that regard, face-to-face renewals will close on the 26th of July and online renewals the 28th of July

Online renewals will follow the following schedule: 30th of June, Club members 1 to 7,000 from 10:00AM to 15:00PM (CET), renewals open up to Club member 14,000 from 16:00PM to 21:00 CET. On Wednesday the 31st of July, we will accept renewals up to Club member 20,000 - on the same morning timeframe - with Club members up to 26,000 able to renew on the afternoon schedule. On August 1st, club members up to number 31,000 can renew in the morning, while members up to number 36,000 can renew in the afternoon. Finally, on August 2, members up to number 40,000 can renew in the morning and remaining members can renew in the afternoon

Face-to-face renewals, in the ticket office, will be available from the 5th of August in two time-windows. On the 5th, from 10:00AM to 14:00PM members up to number 9,000 can renew, while members up to 18,000 can renew from 17:00PM until 21:00PM. On Tuesday the 6th, members up to 24,000 can renew in the morning, members up to 34,000 in the afternoon. On the 7th of August, members up to 40,000 can renew in the morning, while all remaining members can renew in the afternoon. From the 8th to the 11th of August new subscribers can join exclusively online. New club members can apply at the ticket office from the 16th. 

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