Seviĺla FC and Lanjarón
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The leading water brand in the Andalucian market becomes the official water of the community's most celebrated team for the next three years

Sevilla FC has reached an agreement with Lanjarón, the historic Andalucian mineral water owned by Aguas Danone, for the brand to become the club's official water for the next three years. The agreement represents an alliance between two emblems of Andalucía - on one side the most lauded and celebrated team in the region and on the other a pioneering leader in the national water market and an embodiment of Andalucían excellence.    

Sevilla FC's marketing director, Ramón Loarte, emphasised what a step forward the agreement with Lanjarón represents: "It allows us to keep growing as a club and at the same time, allows us to also consolidate our position as a platform for communication and brand visibility on a global level. Lanjarón is one of the national leaders in mineral water and an innately Andalucían brand, that's why we're proud to be able to contribute to their exposure and growth. It shows our gratitude for the faith they have always shown in us".

Montse Solé, in charge of marketing for the water brand, did not hesitate in expressing her happiness with the agreement: "For us its a big step forward not only because we're joining with an historic club but also because - more than ever - it consolidates us as a brand that is proud of its Andalucían roots".

Lanjarón has its origins in the Sierra Nevada, in Granada, which was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1986 and remains one of the country's most important national parks. There, since the birth of the brand, bottling has assured the preservation of the environment and ecosystem and guaranteed the purity of the brand's water. More than just having its roots in highest peaks of the Iberian Peninsula, the company's footprint on the region has never permitted human contact to be the cause of contamination. 

The partnership reinforces origins as a key pilar in the values of a brand that is closing in on its 200th birthday. The collaboration falls well in line with Lanjarón's reputation for growth gained in the past years - having worked to establish itself as one of the star brands of the bottled water sector. With the company already boasting a long and respected tradition and history - as well as a varied product line which even includes a special cap for athletes to easily drink Lanjarón water in the middle of competition - becoming the official water of Sevilla FC seems nothing less than a perfect union between two exemplary Andalucían entities. 

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