Julen Lopetegui in the press room
First team


"It's a big and exciting match. We're all aware of the opponent and how they play"
Cuerpo Superior

Julen Lopetegui started the pre-match press conference ahead of Real Madrid-Sevilla FC speaking about possible injuries: "We have problems - some are out with long-term injuries and others are suffering from short-term knocks and haven't been able to train. We're still waiting on news on them. We will travel with 22 players and we're unsure if three of them will be able to play." It goes without saying Lopetegui is expecting a very demanding match: "It's a difficult away trip, they all are in La Liga. But we're talking about Real Madrid - they're top of the table and one of the best teams in the world. It's going to be tough, but no one can take away our motivation and desire. They're in good form and you get the feeling they have improved in many aspects this year."

Cuerpo Inferior

The game won't decide anything, but it's more than just any other game: "Speaking about decisive matches when it's the fifteenth match of the season... It's a big and exciting match with three points at stake. We all know the opponent, how they play and what level of players they have. But we're motivated to win those three points. We have to play at our absolute best. No one will take our motivation and desire away from us."

To come away with three points, there will be no margin of error: "The performance we have to aspire to is one of perfection in every facet of the game. To compete with Real Madrid on their turf you need to be at your absolute best and that's what we're working on. We know the only way to win there is to play at your best and that's what we aspire to do. When we need to defend, we'll have to do so very well because they are so talented and quick. Then we'll have to attack well. To win there you need to do everything well."

Despite the difficulties, the group keeps getting stronger: "If we have injuries, we have to trust in those who are coming into the team. They are all prepared and ready - no exception. They are all motivated and ready to help out and that is what being a team is. Beyond that, we are focusing on the opponent."