Sergi Gómez in action against Espanyol
First team


The centre-back saw first-hand what happened in the play that ended up with Embarba scoring

Sergi Gómez spoke to the media after the draw against Espanyol, where he started off by commenting on the most controversial incident of the game: "I tried to unsettle him so that he couldn't finish the way he wanted to; and the referee decided that there was nothing there. Then, it was reviewed and you saw what happened. Despite this, whether it was a good or bad decision, the only thing we can do is move on. Each game will be a war".

The centre-back asked for his teammates to keep calm in these tougher moments: "At the end of the day, everyone goes through spells like these. You have bad streaks and sometimes things just don't work out they way you want. We must face up to the challenge with attitude".

In addition, he said that they can still very much achieve their objective: "We're aware that a couple of points have slipped by us, but nothing has been lost yet. We're at the top end of the table and we want to thank the people that came out to support us today. It's the only way we can face up to this situation".

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