Sampaoli during the match against Real Madrid
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"If we'd had the efficiency the team was hoping for, we'd be talking about a different result," commented the Argentine

Jorge Sampaoli analysed the defeat at the Bernabéu, highlighting his team's attitude: "I think the margin was too big, we had six chances, we went after it knowing that in front of us they had huge potential and the team had the defiance to search for it. Unfortunately, it didn't work out, the result was exaggerated. The first goal was a very strange situation and the second we lost the ball... With the third, we felt frustrated, but with our heads always up as is normally the case. If we'd had the efficiency the team was hoping for, we'd be talking about a different result".

"The team had the defiance to search for it"

Despite the defeat, Sevilla FC secured their ticket to the Champions League thanks to the draw at El Madrigal, but "today I'm leaving very frustrated because after the effort the team put in, to end up injured in the last 48 hours and to come away with nothing, is unfair, but football is like that. Getting past 70 points was a very important objective, but we tried to face the match in the best way possible and I'm not happy with the qualification today because we're leaving with too big a losing margin".

Compared to the match at the Camp Nou, the boss commented "I think in this game, the team were more competetive and more similar to how Sevilla made us feel this season. Aside from what happened with the result, we prepared for a match where we ended up playing without full-backs, without wingers, Krohn-Dehli had to play, who hadn't played for a year. There were clear differences and the team faced it bravely. I'm sad the scoreline ended up with such a big margin compared to what happened on the pitch".

Asked about the team's last match and the fans' farewell: "you don't think about how the fans will say goodbye, they'll do that however the feel, but I hope they say goodbye to the team in the way they deserve, after being in the top four for 34 out of 37 matches. It's been a very tough campaign with the Champions League in the middle too".

Regarding the first goal, he preferred not to get into it: "I didn't see it properly and I can´t offer an opinion. Referees make mistakes, sometimes in your favour and sometimes not, I prefer not to talk about them".

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