Alex Telles
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In his first interview, the Brazilian confirmed that he'll have no problem in adapting to a new setup
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Alex Telles stated that he has "always looked fondly upon Sevilla" and that he will adapt quickly to life at the club. 

The Brazilian left-back sat down with us for his first interview as a Sevillista, and he was keen to demonstrate how happy he was with his loan move.

"I'm delighted, I'm very happy with what I'm seeing here, the club, the people... I'm so happy and I'm very excited. I'm very passionate because for me football is all about passion and fans, united. That's how I see football and I'm sure I'm at the right club, with those feelings about the fans and club."

"That's my mentality, I'm keen and I'm aiming to go as far as possible. I'm ready to give my all. I'm expecting to see a lot of desire, passion and ambition, that's what we need in football. With Sevilla's history and both their and my ambition, we'll do great things. I'm very excited to get started now."

The loanee confirmed that he was sure of his move to Sevilla.

"I spoke to players who'd been here or know the city. I've always admired good football and when you see this club you know there's something different here. I've always looked fondly upon Sevilla and when the chance came I didn't think twice."

"I think I'm in the right place to be at my best. I had no doubts about coming here. The first time the coach called me I said that of course I wanted to talk with him, and that I was willing to join if there was a chance to do so."

"I showed him that energy and desire to be here as soon as possible. I know how important it is that the players are clear about what they want. The coach gave me that confidence and that gives you a lot of desire, so that's why I'm here."

"Dani Alves, O'Fabuloso, Adriano, Baptista are examples to follow"

The Brazilian then spoke about playing in a new league, and following in the footsteps of his compatriots who have already been at the club.

"For me, it's a very strong and competitive league. It's different to the other leagues I've played in, but with my experience and what I've been through in the last few years, I think it'll be a difficult but productive year."

"Dani Alves, O'Fabuloso, Adriano, Baptista... they are examples to follow and I want to follow them to create a good story here in Sevilla."

Telles believes that he will adapt quickly to life at the club, especially as there is no real language barrier and he will play alongside some former Porto teammates.

"I did not study Spanish, so I can't speak it 100%, but I played with a lot of players who speak it, I like to make friends and I'm willing to learn when I have the opportunity to learn about another culture and another language."

"I played with Óliver and Tecatito for three years so I know them really well, they're my brothers. We Brazilians are always together so I'll get on great with Fernando and Marcão both on and off the pitch."

"I spoke to Tecatito before I joined and he told me I'd really like it here because it's a great group, a magnificent club and an incredible city. He told me that they were waiting for me and that gave me a lot of confidence about coming here."

"Coming here was another opportunity to play in the Champions League"

The move to Sevilla is also a chance to play in Europe's elite competition.

"Coming here was another opportunity to play in the Champions League. Players want to be in the best competitions, playing at the top level. That's where we're at at Sevilla and I'm excited to join and play in every competition". 

The Brazilian then discussed competing for his place with Marcos Acuña. 

"I know Acuña from Portugal, we were at different teams but that happens in football. Now we're teammates, on the same side, and it's a pleasure to be with him. We've spoken before in the past, now both of us will give our all for Sevilla and the club is the one who wins.

"We'll always pull in the same direction. We always fought because it's normal on the pitch, but in a healthy, positive way and without malice. Whether we play together or not, we'll leave that to the coach, but we have to be at our best for the club and coach, to be able to play and give our all."

"I've been told that Sevilla fans are very passionate"

Attentions then turned to his welcome from Monchi and playing in front of the Sevilla fans.

"I've felt great energy from Monchi since I met him at the airport. He's shown me that the club's ambition is to go as far as possible, and I've seen great passion and the day-to-day work to win every match and to always be up there."

"I've been told that Sevilla fans are very passionate. I really like that in football. Obviously before I came I looked up a bit about the fans because we players feel their support on the pitch and the emotion in the stadium, that's very important for us. I can't wait to play for the fans at a full stadium."

With six caps under his belt, he is focused on adding to that tally in Qatar.

"Every kid's dream is to play for the national team. My first time was in 2019 and I came back feeling like a complete player, with great ambition and taking advantage of each opportunity. It's a pleasure and I know that everything I do for my club will help me in that aspect, so I train as hard as I can."

"My objective of playing at the World Cup is very clear, and Sevilla gave me the opportunity to do my job with confidence. So I'm also keen to compete because it's an important year."

"I hope we can win it all"

Telles is expecting an unforgettable year both on and off the pitch.

"I'm ready, and I've been training hard since I spoke to the coach for the first time. I played 90 minutes in a friendly this week and of course it's the coach who decides, but I'll do all I can to be ready and available. I think it'll be easy because I like to be where I feel good".

"Everything I've heard about Sevilla came with very good vibes, I'm a family person, my wife is pregnant and my daughter will be born in Sevilla. It's very special, I really believe in God and he saved this moment so it could be here."

"I want to fight for trophies, because the club lives for trophies and I want my time here to be as nice as possible, I hope we can win it all and all be happy at the end of the year."