Official Media

We put at your disposal our Official Media, media references and the main source of information for the national and international public.

Match Day

Your ideal resource for clear and concise match day information.

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This new advertising publication contains information relating to the match for supporters in attendance, in order to provide a full perspective on the game.


Off line

Every LIGA match day at the entrances to the stadium and the VIP ZONES.

On line
  • Social Media: A special edition for every match will be published on our social networking sites./li>
  • Web: Section within the web.

Video Scoreboard

An audio-visual format which gives your advertisement motion and dynamism.

Around 10 MILLIONimpacts every year.

Two full screens, each measuring 105 m2.

It will have the captive look of CLOSE TO 40,000 PEOPLE in each match in our stadium.
Marcador digital en partido


There is no other COMMUNICATION PLATFORM so powerful and developed in the city of Seville.
One of the greatest strengths that currently has the club is the ease of communication it has with all its fans thanks to its six owned media, which are already a media reference within the city of Seville and the main source of information in "sevillista" key for the hundreds of thousands of Sevilla FC fans & supporters.
  • sevilla fc radio

    Radio leader with an audience of more than 400,000 listeners.

  • sevilla fc televisión

    Almosthalf a million viewers follow our channels in open SFC TV, obtaining a GRP close to 100,000

  • sevilla fc periódico

    Digital press format with more than 400.000 downloads

  • sevilla fc revista

    It gathers, in its extensive reports, information of interest for Sevilla FC fans & supporters along with historical reports.


    More than 40,000 daily visits, the third of Spanish football teams. Main source of official information of the Club.



What is it about?

Dynamic boards based on the use of digital LED screens, lining the pitch on three of the four sides which are directly visible in the sports broadcasts.

Advertising evolves and with it, the media and format which bring it closer to the spectators and/or consumers.

This system gives movement to the brands which advertise on the “U” perimeter signage in the Ramón Sánchez- Pizjuán Stadium. It is far more effective than the traditional fixed billboards; one minute of Smartvision essentially has the same impact as a 20” television spot, with a higher recall rate.

Movement in your adverts. Moments of relax for clients.