Franco Vázquez jugador Sevilla FC
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The centre-midfielder showed himself eager to face up to a difficult fixture in Germany: "I feel really good today. I've rested. I hope both I and the whole team will be able to have a good match"

Franco Vázquez was the player who spoke to the media in the official pre-match press conference for tomorrow's Champions League quarter-final with Bayern. The midfielder evaluated the tie to kick things off: "I don't think it's impossible. We know it's not easy to win here but we come here with a lot of enthusiasm. If we have a good match we'll have our chances". 

He also talked about his shape, assuring the press that he's ready for any minutes he needs to play: "You could see the fatigue in the last 15 minutes of the first-leg, but that is what it is. I feel very good today and I think I'm going to be 100% for tomorrow. I hope it will be a great match".

"Nobody has gifted us anything and that's why we're here"

He didn't want to enter into evaluations on the squad either, asking for respect for the Club: "Neither me nor my teammates are interested in the external comments. I think Sevilla FC deserves a bit more respect. No one has gifted us anything and the players, board and fans deserve respect". 

He ended by showing belief again in qualification: "I think if we didn't have any chance we wouldn't have come. It's going to be difficult but we're going to have our chances if we play a good match. We have to be focused and ready to go". 


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