Enzo Maresca del Sevilla FC
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The Italian gave his first press conference since his arrival one month and a half ago to work with Montella and his backroom staff
Cuerpo Superior

Enzo Maresca is a very sought-after man in Seville - with interview requests flooding in since his return to the Club. This Wednesday a press conference was held at the Sports Village, where the ex Sevilla player made clear his feelings: "It's a pleasure to be back here. Sevilla gave me a lot over the years and I have a lot of love for both the Club and the city so I'm over the moon to be here and I'm looking forward to things to come". 

The Italian left the Club in 2009, a time when Sevilla had seen success, but not at the current level: "Many years have passed since I left and a lot has changed for the better. The Club has grown enormously. I was on holiday here, because I was training in Italy up until November. The Club asked me if I was available to work with Vincenzo and I accepted. It's an experience that is giving me a lot". 

"I was on holiday here and the Club asked me if I was available to work alongside Montella"

Asked on his opinion of the coach, he confirmed that he has his sights set on all three competitions: "There are always new situations, more so if you move countries. He has come to the club full of enthusiasm and as a coach with a lot of experience behind him. He's looking forward to playing in the Champions League, but also remains focused on La Liga and regaining lost ground". 

He also spoke about his situation and priorities: "I could be in the dugout next season. In Italy with the coaching I have I was able to train in Second Division, but here I need to do another exam, which we will have next season. Anyway, Daniele Russo is the assistant coach. He also watches the games with me because he has the same coaching badges as I do. My main job is to help with training and also language. I can contribute my knowledge of La Liga and its teams, because despite being away for many years, my intention was always to train and I haven't lost touch with that". 

Cuerpo Inferior

On his progress in coaching, Maresca is not looking too far ahead: "I decided to work with Montella and lend a hand where I can so that things run smoothly. I'm here to help the coaching staff, introducing them a little to the team, the city and the fans. As for the future, we will see what happens. I've started on this path because my aim is to coach, but taking it day by day and helping where I can". 

Regarding the dynamic of the team, he explained that since the derby, and up to the Copa del Rey semi-finals, not everything was going well: "We cannot forget that just 10 days ago we lost 5-1 against Eibar. We can't be lulled into the false sense of security that things have totally changed because we have had a few steps backward and the objective is that we always take steps forward. In the matches against Betis and Eibar things happened that shouldn't have and we have to make sure we don't make these mistakes again". 

"Since our arrival at the club there have been a few hiccups and we need to make sure we don't make the same mistakes again"

Discussing several names, he focussed on one player in particular: "I played with Franco Vázquez for two years and we were good friends and roommates for a while. He has a way of doing things that can make him seem unenthused, but that's not the case. Of every 10 passes, he looks to execute nine that hurt the opponent and these are the most difficult to do. It's not often we get to see the true Vázquez as he is now. I understand that people say he lacks attitude but that's the way he is. It makes a difference". 

He discussed the improvement witnessed in the performance of Vázquez, Muriel and Correa: "These are fans that if you give them everything they are grateful. If there is already quality, as in the case of Franco, Luis or Correa, what you have to worry about is that impression of giving everything. When they see you giving your all, they will be grateful".