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The Brazilian midfielder had an extensive interview with Goal Brasil a few days ago

Paulo Henrique Ganso is a role model in his native Brazil and just a few days ago carried out an interview with Goal Brasil which touched on a number of topics - both personal and relevant to his time at Sevilla FC. Like any player, Ganso wants to be more involved, though he seemed satisfied with his performance: "If we look at the numbers, the start of my season has been very good.  Nine matches and no losses, four goals and three assists. It won't be for a lack of goals that my career unfold as I want it to here. I need to play more if even just to reach the level of the other players". In the same light, he seemed happy with the fans: "The fans, when they see me on the street, tell me that I should play more. I say that the only thing I can do is keep pushing myself in training and try and do my best".

On his personal life, he didn't hide his happiness at being settled in the city: "I'm very happy with my family and my two kids, who are learning English and Spanish. Here I have more time to be with them, there aren't the team meetings and journeys are shorter". For that reason, he's not thinking about a possible departure: "No, I haven't thought about leaving. The first thing I think about is whether I have the quality to play here. When there's an opportunity I'm going to take advantage of it and play". 

Now he will have a compatriot in the team in left-back Gilherme Arana: "I have played against him. He's a great player with many quality and he has come to European football at a good age. He is already a good player, but I'm sure that he's going to grow a lot here". With Arana's adjustment is yet to be seen, Ganso spoke about his own: "They said that in Europe I would have to play further back because I would not have the dynamism and intensity to play up front in attack. It was the complete opposite. I'm showing that I am able to play in my position, scoring goals and making assists. I have to play upfront, not further back like a lot of people originally told me". 

Finally, he spoke about the team's objectives: "Sevilla will fight to place amongst the top four in La Liga. Our objective is to play in the Champions League next season". 

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