Nolito of Sevilla FC against Athletic Club
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Nolito, the man of the match against Athletic with one goal and two assists, analysed last night's game

Nolito was without a doubt the most talked about player last night after his performance at the San Mamés. Nolito was key in the win against Athletic Club, scoring the opener and assisting the other two. The makeshift striker, who attended the club's media in Bilbao on Friday, is already focused on Sunday's league match: 'I'm happy to play and that we won. It's just what I needed and I'm really pleased. I haven't read the press in years, for better or worse, but we have to keep going because last night's match is now in the past.'

Everything went Sevilla's way to leave the tie in their hands, although Nolito wasn't so sure: 'At the end of the day sometimes the ball goes in and other times you miss by inches. We put in a good performance, we've made a small step towards the quarter-finals and I'm really pleased with my own performance. Let's not get complacent though, Athletic are a tough team and when they come to Sevilla they won't gift us the game.' Furthermore, the striker highlighted the team's strength: 'My teammates are great people, really good guys. We're a team and at the end of the day we spend more days together than with our some of our family members. We need to have this care for each other and I'm really happy with how I get on with them.'

He had a key role in all three goals: 'Mudo played the perfect pass and thankfully I had that luck with André later. That's what we're here for, to score, assist, and help in the defensive phase as much as we can. I also tried to play in the number 10 space a bit last night. What I want is to play and every time the boss gives me the chance to I'll try to do my best.' To finish, he spoke about Sunday's match: 'I think it'll be another story, every game is. They aren't doing the best in La Liga, but any team can win. We have to play like we did yesterday, we're well aware it will be complicated.'


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