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Co-organised by the Sevilla FC Innovation Center, the 2023-24 course starts on the 24th of October and is still open for sign-ups
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Sporting management is one of the pillars of a football club that allows it to grow and function on a large scale. Scouts and analysts play a key role in that; it is important to have well-trained decisive decision-makers. Sevilla FC's Innovation Center and the Catholic University of Murcia's Sports Data Campus co-organise one of the most prestigious courses in this area - a Masters in Big Data applied to football scouting.

The course was founded three years ago, its fourth edition starts on the 24th of October with a record number of enrolments. The number of students has increased 35% from last year, and could continue to increase given that it is still possible to sign up. Click this link for details. Máster en Big Data aplicado al Scouting en Fútbol en colaboración con el Sevilla FC - Sports Data Campus

The course teaches the scouts of the future to optimise their use of digital platforms. This is crucial in a modern world where the influence of technology and AI is ever growing. It demonstrates the changing role of today's scout. More than 300 students have acquired their masters degree and have learned to incorporate data into sports management.

Through this degree, students have had the opportunity to undertake internships at Sevilla FC's data and analysis departments, apply for placements at other clubs and complete insightful projects.