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Sevilla FC are the only club that finished fifth or above to have not had their salary cap decreased

As every year, La Liga has published the salary caps for every team in the first and second division in Spain. The caps this year have largely been reduced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected sporting teams' finances around the globe. Last season's total salary cap of 2.979 billion for the 20 teams in La Liga has been reduced this season to 2.333 billion.

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid are the teams with the highest salary caps. All three of them have had their allowed wage expenditure reduced this season. Real Madrid has seen their limit reduced from 641 million to 468, Barcelona from 671 to 382, and Atlético from 348 to 252.

The trend in salary cap reductions, amongst the entire league and predominately the top three, is broken by Sevilla FC. Not only has the Club's budget not been decreased, in spite of the circumstances it has even been increased. The cap has therefore been risen from 185.2 million to 185.8. The team with the fifth highest budget last year, Valencia CF, has seen their budget reduced and they have been leapfrogged by Villarreal CF and Athletic Club. The aforementioned clubs, with Real Sociedad in eighth place, are the only clubs to have been allowed a wage cap above 100 million euros.

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