Sevilla FC official statement


The Tenerife-born goalkeeper has requested to leave due to personal reasons and will see her contract come to a an end in June
Cuerpo Superior

Sevilla FC and Noelia Ramos have reached a mutual agreement for the termination of the player's contract. Both club and player will part ways on the 30th of June later this year at request of the player, due to personal reasons. In total, Ramos registered 64 appearances during the four years the goalkeeper has spent between the sticks for the club. 

The club would like to thank Noelia for her services and wish her the best of luck in the future. Noelia also took the time to bid farewell to the fans in a letter:  

Hello, sevillistas, today I'm saying goodbye to you all. For personal circumstances, I have decided that it is best if we part ways. There are times in life where we must prioritise our wellbeing and I need to be with my loved ones. To Amparo and Monchi, thank you for opening the doors to me on that day back in 2018. Thank you for looking after me everyday with your tireless work ethic for this club and for having made this family grow. You both represent the identity and drive of Sevilla FC. 

Looking back now, since my arrival in 2018 I have been lucky enough to learn from great professionals such as, Paco García, Jiménez and Hugo Sánchez. The year I made my debut was with you guys and I will never forget that opportunity you gave me. Years later, I spent a brilliant time alongside Cristian Toro and the coaching staff (David, Alonso, Carmen, Antonio, Corbi, Marco, Esther, Salva, Julio, Pitu, Isabel, Jesús, Julia, Manu, Emilio, Pedro and Amparo). Thanks to you all, and especially you Cristian, for getting the best out of me and for helping me grow during this time. To Antonio, thank you for helping me to be better, enjoy being in goal so much and for making me smile everyday. I've tried to mention everyone, if I have forgot to mention anyone, it was unintentional because you are all special. To the medical staff for always having the solutions to any sort of problem, to the guys in the washroom for always keeping things in order, to the cafeteria for their perfect food, to security for being mindful of every little detail in and out of the ciudad deportiva and to all that are a part of this GREAT CLUB, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

"I will forever carry with me the 'never surrender' attitude, just like this place taught me" 

I would like to give special thanks to my teammates. Throughout all this time we have shared unique experiences and I feel fortunate to have been able to learn from you all. This is to those that arrived at the club a short while ago, to the ones that welcomed me on the first day and to the ones that have in some way shape or form helped me to be the best I could be, not only as a person but also as a footballer, for helping me leave here with a rucksack full of lessons and experiences.

To everyone, a huge thank you for the support you have given me to be able to go home, always taking into account my wellbeing as a priority. The years I have spent here have been a dream complete. I will always consider this my second home. Every week it was a privilege to defend this badge and wear the shirt. From the semi-finals of the Copa de la Reina, eighth place in the league, derby wins, momentous victories against Champions League teams... thousands of moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I will forever carry with me the 'never surrender' attitude, just like this place taught me. An eternal Sevillista from the Canaries. I will be forever grateful to my red and white family, Thank you."