Suso in action against Espanyol
First team


Suso couldn't round off his superb individual performance with the three points

Suso was one of the stars of the show with an assist and a goal against Espanyol, but was annoyed at the outcome of the game: "It was very important to pick up the three points. We had seen the results of the matches beforehand and at home, you always have to win".

He added: "We were playing well until the foul and their equaliser. From then on, we started to get nervous and nobody knew what he had blown for. They drew level and then our worst point of the match came. We started the second half off well, but then they hit us with their second goal. I think we played well but we have to eradicate the mistakes". In addition, although he was standing beside the captain, he didn't know what the referee's explanation for the decision was: "I was close to him but I don't know what he said. I had understood the rule to be that it had to be a penalty or a red card for a review to take place, but I don't know if they will have changed this rule. It's not easy being a referee".

To close off, he placed the importance of bouncing back from the setbacks: "You leave with a bitter taste in your mouth when you don't get all three points. It's up to us to get out of this bad spell. A win today would have given us confidence, but we're still in a decent position in the league table".

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