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Only Galatasaray and Lyon are ahead, according to a KPMG study, which values Sevilla FC as the 27th most valuable football club in the continent

Sevilla FC have seen the third highest growth of any club in Europe according to an exhaustive study carried out by the prestigious auditing firm KPMG on elite continental football last year, based on the 14/15 and 15/16 seasons. The study places Sevilla FC among the 30 most valuable clubs in Europe, with an estimated value of 261 million euros, reflecting growth of 44% compared with the last study, only bettered by Galatasaray's 68% growth and Lyon's 71% growth.

Sevilla FC are the 27th most valuable club in Europe and the fifth in Spain, behind Madrid, Barça, Atlético and Athletic Bilbao, and above Valencia, who are closest behind Sevilla in the European ranking. The estimated value of Valencia is 235 million euros. Manchester United top the list, with a value of 3,095 million euros. Madrid and Barcelona follow, with 2,976 and 2,765 million respectively. Atlético Madrid are 13th, with a value of 783 million euros, triple that of Sevilla FC.

The study serves as evidence of Sevilla FC's impressive record in European competition, since as many as 13 teams  (Manchester United, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Bayern Múnich, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Juventus, Tottenham, PSG, Borrussia Dortmund and Atlético Madrid) have triple the value of Los Nervionenses, and 15 have double the value (the previous 13, Schalke 04 and Milan). Despite such a disadvantage, Sevilla FC have won three UEFA Europa Leagues in a row in recent years, and qualfied for the last 16 of the latest edition of the Champions League.

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