The president, José Castro, accompanied by Maite Albarrán, Marta Carrasco and Alicia Fuentes, captains of Sevilla FC Womens, and Antonio Álvarez
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The complete women's first team, the president José Castro, Antonio Álvarez and their counterparts from Real Betis, participated in a ceremony against gender violence

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is commemorated this Sunday and Sevilla FC once again reaffirm their commitment to fight against this scourge which still affects our society today. For this reason, the agreement in place from 2015 has been renewed, therefore a series of events aimed at raising awareness regarding gender violence will be held. On Sunday, the men's team will have a photo taken with a sign against gender violence before the game against Real Valladolid CF, while the women's team will follow suit in their Liga Iberdrola game against FC Barcelona.

The directors of the two main clubs from Andalusia's capital were present, accompanied by the women's first team. Antonio Álvarez and Rafael Gordillo were also in attendance, representing their respective foundations. Backed by the Andalusian government, Carlos Toscano supported the 'commitment to equality'.

Toscano stressed 'the involvement of both clubs in respecting women and rejecting gender violence' and how that work 'can serve as a motivation for their thousands of followers and fans.'

For his part, the president, José Castro, recalled the measures that have been implemented from Sevilla FC 'to make society aware of the serious risk that this type of violence represents for our environment.' Likewise, he emphasised 'the commitment to women's football', which he described as 'unequivocal', consolidating it in the Iberdrola League. He stressed that the 'investment and commitment' put into this part of the club will keep on improving each year.

Castro himself stressed that we must continue to work hard because there is a big margin for improvement 'because the problem continues to be big' and citizens have 'an unavoidable responsibility to fight against this serious dysfunction of society.' He highlighted the latest murder case in Spain, which took place in our city, as evidence of a problem before which 'in no way we can be indifferent. That is why today and tomorrow we say and always will say loud and clear: NO MORE GENDER VIOLENCE.' The ceremony ended with a family photo in the Plaza de España.



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