Jugadoras del Sevilla FC femenino en el Día Mundial contra el cáncer de mama


#TuLuchaEsMiLucha (#YourFightIsMyFight) is a slogan promoted by the Spanish Association Against Cancer and have featured four players from the Ladies team in their video

Women fight all year long, but every 19th of October we celebrate the International Day against Breast Cancer to renew societal commitment to fighting the disease. Breast Cancer discriminates against nobody and for that reason, prevention and strength are the two pillars on which resistance is built.

Sevilla FC, through Itziar Martínez, Helena Torres, Marta Carrasco y Maite Albarrán, all of whom are part of the Ladies First Team, all share this common goal. The four stars, along with everyone associated with the club, all know how crucial it is to act against cancer before, during and after the disease is diagnosed.  

"It can affect any one of us", is the first slogan to appear in the Spanish Association Against Cancer's video. Latest studies suggest that living a healthy lifestyle alongside regular exercise (4 hours a week) can help in prevention. 

"Examine yourself, for your own good" is the next. It is crucial to detect cancer as soon as possible. Breast cancer has a close to 100% survival rate in cases where cancer has been detected in early stages.

"We're here to fight!". There is only one option when facing cancer: confront it. Support is indispensable to beating the illness. For that reason "We are with you!" is an appropriate final line for the video. 

In football, but above all else, in life, solidarity and empathy guide us. For that reason #YourFightIsMyFight.


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