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The PDFs generated during the purchase, with a valid bar code, were fraudulently manipulated by third parties to assign the code other seats that either did not exist or that belonged to season-ticket holders who had not given up their seat

The condemnation on social media by many Sevilla FC season-ticket holders, alongside the acts detected before the start of the game against FC Barcelona, has led to Sevilla FC denouncing the resell of manipulated tickets acquired online which are also sold at a price much higher than the original.
The falsification of online tickets does not involve changing the bar code on the PDF that is generated during the process and allows fans entry to the match, meaning that there is no problem in accessing the stadium. The problem is due to the fact that the row and seat number are manipulated so that the buyers may sit together. In this process, the fraudulent purchasers buy the tickets through Sevilla FC's official webpage and then resell the tickets after editing the seat number on other online ticketing websites. This process contains two criminal offences, the resell of tickets on other ticketing websites and the fraudulent manipulation of tickets which affects not only those who buy the tickets but also season-ticket holders whose seats are unjustly taken.
Sevilla FC will denounce this fraudulent process to La Liga, given that other clubs have detected this criminal act happening as well, so that they will act against these illegal ticket-resell websites and lead the legal fight against this illegal act. Equally, the club will deport those responsible for this act to the police.
The club wish to make it clear that it is completely against this act and it apologises to those season-ticket holders and fans who were affected. The club reminds that tickets for matches in the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán can only be purchased in the stadium's official ticket office or through the official website Any ticket acquired through other means may be falsified and in any case it is being resold illegally.

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