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The club will subsidise Manchester United's price increase

Last week Sevilla FC applied for the full allocation of tickets offered by Manchester United for the second leg of the Round of 16 Champions League tie at Old Trafford. This amounted to 2,995 tickets - 4.1% of the stadium's capacity - which were initially priced at 50, 51 and 60 Pounds.

Owing to questions of security, the Premier League club did not act in accordance with UEFA regulations - which dictate 5% of the stadium's capacity (3,800 seats in this case) should be made available to the visiting club - when ticket prices were announced midway through December. Sevilla FC duly communicated the fixed prices and seat allocation for travelling fans to Manchester United. On the basis of this, Sevilla FC made the formal application for away tickets on the 2nd of January. 

Though attempts have been made to reach an agreement on fixed prices for tickets, this was ultimately not possible. For that reason, Sevilla FC will maintain the duly communicated ticket prices. Manchester United have announced a unilateral increase in ticket prices for our fans to ensure away tickets for the second leg cost the same as away tickets for the first.    

Sevilla FC will subsidise the price increase for club members travelling to Manchester for said fixture. With this subsidy, the club will guarantee that no club members pay more than the 60 Euros initially specified. Sevilla will be in contact with UEFA over both Manchester United's failure to make 5% of tickets available to away fans, as well as the Club's price increase after a formal application for an away allocation. Sevilla will also look to guarantee that no Sevillista pays a penny more than any Manchester United fan for similar tickets - as competition regulations dictate.     

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