Sarabia alongside Eduardo Berizzo
First team


The Madrid-native has faith in the strength of the Nervión fortress to get the game off the ground and help achieve a path to the knock-out stages

Pablo Sarabia was the player chosen to accompany Eduardo Berizzo in the pre-match press conference for Tuesday's Champions League Group Stage clash with Liverpool. The attacking-midfielder emphasised the importance of the fixture from the very beginning: "It's a beautiful and exciting match, both for us and for the fans. We know the importance of winning those three points and we are aware that taking that step here, we will achieve our first objective of the season". 

Though for the moment he seems to have won the battle for right-wing with Jesús Navas, the former-Getafe man said he will not rely on anything: "Both Jesús and I work well, we're different players and what we have to do is give the gaffer the luxury of choosing who is right for each moment. We both contribute different things and that's good for the team". 

On a gameplan for the match, the team will not rest on their laurels: "We have a fixed idea, which is to go for them from the first minute. We won't fail in that, with the support of our fans and maintaining a lot of pressure. We're aware of their quality up-front but we focus on our weapons in the face of an intense game, no one will be comfortable and they'll know it's hard to pick up points here. We are doing things well and now we need to make that push. Qualifying in front of our fans would be beautiful and we'd enjoy it a lot". 

"We're aware of Liverpool's quality up-front but we focus on the weapons we have"

Sarabia considers it crucial for Nervión to roar once again, as it has done already on important occasions: "Personally, I have experienced this atmosphere both as a visitor and now as a local. Visiting the stadium I was aware of the pressure and it wasn't easy to play. We need that passion from our fans, the type that makes the opponent doubt their abilities". 

Questioned about strikers, he said that they were both ready: "Muriel and Ben Yedder are working well. Both are working hard to be in the starting eleven and that's good for the coach because all of us have to make it difficult". The player made it clear that tomorrow will not be just another game: "Playing at Anfield was a dream. Now, playing at home, we need to make sure we are not left with a bitter taste in our mouths from not achieving our aim". 

Finally, the player was asked if one point would be enough: "We're not scared about losing. We are confident in our abilities, especially at home. It's possible that a moment will come when we'll see it as a good thing, but it's not what we'll go out hoping for". 

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