Sarabia del Sevilla FC ante el Leganés
First team


The Madrid-born Midfielder dropped in on the Deportes Cope Sevilla show and said he "would be excited to be picked for the national team, like any player"

Pablo Sarabia was the star of this Wednesday Deportes Cope Sevilla. He talked about feeling much better individually: "I didn't start with the confidence I would have liked but, little by little, with work and effort this Sevilla is improving and the coach is giving me a role and I hope he keeps giving it to meI'm going to give everything I have, I'll keep working just as hard, and I hope the team moves forwards, regaining good sensations from that bad week we had".

The midfielder dreamed of making Lopetegui's squad but in the end it wasn't to be: "I was excited by the prospect, like any player I guess, I knew it would be tough, you have that will inside to want to go. There's nothing else to do but keep working and I hope that day comes one day".

He was also asked about the attacking threat of the side: "There are streaks, forwards live through that. They go through streaks and when they get going they score goals all the time. Ben Yedder is scoring and Luis is struggling a bit more but we know he's going to get it back. I hope he does so as soon as possible".   

"You always have that feeling inside where you want to make the squad but there's nothing else to do but keep working"

With regards to the Champions League, he said the victory against Spartak didn't do the team justice: "The team's extremely competitive. We started well, in the away defeat the feelings were a lot better than the final result. The win against Spartak was misleading, the goal difference could have been much wider. We've got a lot of work to do". With regards to his versatility, Sarabia sees it as something that plays in his favour: "Personally I think that it has made me a better footballer. It makes you learn each position; it is true that playing in several different positions means that the coach doesn't have you in a fixed position. I take pride in contributing to the team, the squad has needed me to play in different positions", he said. 

Lastly, he referred to a possible contract renewal: "For the time being there's nothing, there was some initial contact but it's now come to a standstill. I try not to focus too much on it, instead, I concentrate on playing each Sunday. I am happy at Sevilla, I love the club and the city".

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