Luis Rubiales, en una entrevista
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Chairman of the Spanish Federation of Football confirmed this Sunday that the proposal for a one-match Super Cup is on the table for this year only

Chairman of the Spanish Federation of Football, Luis Rubiales, has confirmed this Sunday that the Federation are in discussions over the possibility of this summer's Spanish Super Cup being fought over just one-leg, due to the busy schedule that awaits Sevilla FC from the end of July onwards. 

"It is very possible that there will be a change to this year's Super Cup. We are discussing the possibility of it being played over just one match, but if this happens there will have to be some sort of monetary compensation for the Federation and the Clubs, who will all lose money over one less televised match and reduced ticket sales. It's something that Javier Tebas, La Liga president, and I are discussing". 

He also added: "Yes, have proposed a one-match Super Cup, however, this will only go ahead if no one is impacted detrimentally. This would be an exception for this year only, and next year's Super Cup would return to the usual format of two legs, allowing both Clubs' fans to enjoy the event without traveling. The proposal is on the table, but as of yet nothing has been decided". 


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