Nolito y Roque Mesa del Sevilla FC
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The midfielder indicated he didn't want his stay at the Club to end

Roque Mesa performed well once again this Saturday when facing Betis in a cauldron of green and white and was conflicted following full-time: "We're happy on the one hand because we've qualified for Europe but a bit more sad about how the match went. I think we deserved three points but we have to be happy".

Though things did not start well at the Benito Villarmarín, he was happy with the response: "We knew we would have chances and the ball. We were always wanting to turn it round and we managed it but an isolated play gave them the equaliser". He also talked about the change Caparrós has brought about: "The mental aspect is the most important. We needed a change in mentality and that's how it's been. He's given us a lift, a radical change and that's been visible on the pitch".

On a personal level, he made it clear that he didn't want to finish his stay as a Sevillista: "You always want to play and be here. I've had Caparrós' confidence and I've been really grateful. I'm really happy and I'm going to try to enjoy it, though the season is finishing. I hope I can continue here next season". 

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