The magic returns to the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán
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The renewal process will happen virtually, and will be available from today, July 28, until August 6th.

An exciting season awaits Sevilla FC after a record number of points and finishing in fourth place last season, only two points off third place. Winning the club's sixth Europa League Cup and nearly reaching the Copa del Rey final are still only recent memories. The excitement for this season is only about to get bigger with the return of fans to the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium. The magic returns to Nervión in a season in which we will once again be ambitious and fight until the end and 'Never Surrender'. It is not a coincidence that we have qualified for the Champions League in five of the past seven seasons because UEFA has ranked Sevilla as one of the twelve best teams in Europe. 

Sevilla FC prepares to welcome its faithful supporters back home. There was no need to renew season tickets last season, however season ticket holders will need to renew their tickets this year through 

The season ticket renewal programme will start from today, July 28, and run until 20:00 on August 6. From August 9 to 12, those who want to change seats can request to do so from the seats available. The club is ready to help in any way it can and provide assistance to those who do not feel confident with using technology, with a helpline being set up to provide assistance. Any enquires can also be sent to @AreaSocial_SFC on Twitter or on email to

Champions League prices are also competitive as they are the second lowest in the seasons the club has played in the competition. The cheapest price is set at 290 euros for the LIGA Adult Pass, which allows access to the 19 La Liga games and seats are situated in the Gol Norte and Gol Sur stands. The group stage pass, which includes tickets to the three Champions League games as well as the 19 La Liga games, has an additional cost of 45 euros, meaning that the final price is 335 euros. 

97.2% of those who decide to renew their season passes will not have to pay the full price of the subscription as they have already paid what was needed as a result of a refund from the 2019/20 season. It it also important to note that there may be discounts applied to the 2021/22 season ticket as a result of transfer from the 2019/20 tickets. Prices for other categories, such as season ticket passes for children or family passes, can be found on the campaign website. 

All of this is part of Sevilla FC's objective to work sensibly to gradually match the season ticket prices with the ambitious expectations that is expected from the club. As it stands, income from season ticket holders make up between 6% and 7% of the club's total revenue, which is considerably lower than other Spanish clubs. It is also important to note that entry in to the stadium this season will be dependent on Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the authorities. In any case, season ticket holders can be reassured that they will receive a refund of the amount that corresponds to them for all those matches that cannot attend due to these restrictions.

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