Juan Manuel Gamito imparte la charla a los padres de los canteranos


This Friday Project Psytool came to an end in the Academy's home

This past Thursday the 2nd of November, the annual "formation of values" talk - for the parents of Academy players - took place at the José Ramon Cisneros Palacios Sports Village. The lecture formed part of the formative Psytool Project - a European program aimed at the instilling of shared values and the detection and prevention of violence, bullying, discrimination, racism and similar behaviours in sport.

With a great response from the Academy parents, Juan Manuel Gamito, Head of Psychology for Non-First-Team players and co-founder of the project, chatted about the influence of mothers and fathers in the education of the promising youngsters beyond just sporting achievement. He outlined parents as models of behaviour for future generations. 

Just one day before, on Friday the 1st, the Sports Village also saw the completion of the Psytool Project, which was directed by Dr. Miguel Morilla Cabezas. Certificates were presented to attendees. 

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