Julen Lopetegui in the press room
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The coach feels that 'without the pressure in the league, Valencia will show the good team they are'

Julen Lopetegui attended the media this Tuesday afternoon in the pre-match press conference ahead of tomorrow's game against Valencia CF: 'We're feeling good, excited for this match in a week where we have three games. We're motivated to play a team like Valencia who are now basically safe and have really good players, a lot of them internationals. Freed from this pressure, they'll show what a good team they are. We are preparing with the intention of winning all three points. We know no other way. We look forward.'

On the remaining objectives this season, the coach was clear: 'We will finish where we deserve to finish. There are three games left and in the first we will try and improve our points tally and league position. It will be tough because every game is a challenge. We have to do our work with desire and motivation.' Julen was also asked about the controversy in Madrid: 'I said in the moment that it was the right decision with the current rules we have, beyond that it is not a question for me. That's over now and our focus is Valencia. A 100% agreement on the rules will never exist as interpretations always come into it. Things can be improved, but there will never be situations where everyone is in agreement. Some will always feel unfairly treated. That's football.'

'I said in the moment that it was a handball with the current rules in place. We are focusing on Valencia'

For the coach, it is too early to think about next season: 'The fixture list shows we must be thinking about Valencia. We can't demand concentration and ambition if we don't respect that. It's not the time to go over the season, we can do that later. We're coming from a very demanding game into another very demanding one. They are the quickest team in La Liga, the best in terms of counterattacks, with quality players. We have to prepare the game well.'

Lopetegui did not rule out rotation in such a difficult week: 'We will try to put out the best eleven for us. In a week with three matches we will decide what alternatives we have based on how the players are feeling. We have often rotated. There are always players who can come in - in this match and in any other. It's early doors yet as it's only two days since our last match and tomorrow we will decide what the best team is.' Furthermore, he discussed the attacking variant shown in Madrid: 'You make decisions for every match based on what will help the team the most. They interpreted the instructions really well on Sunday, especially in the first half.' 

'We are delighted with Sevilla Atlético's promotion and for Gallardo and the boys. It's very important in their development'

To finish up, Julen took a moment to congratulate Sevilla Atlético on their promotion to Primera RFEF: 'We were all watching the game and we are delighted for the Club, for Paco Gallardo and for the boys. It's important to be in that league for their development. They have done a great job with young players and they deserve to be congratulated.'

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