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Sevilla FC want their fans to enjoy Wednesday's match with passion and also respect

Real Madrid visit us on Wednesday, the champions of Europe. They're coming to a pitch where they find things difficult given their previous results here. Sevilla FC want their fans to enjoy Wednesday's match with passion, without forgetting that passion does not go against respect. Football is a passionate sport, but there is no room for insults or intolerance towards the visiting fans. Motivating your team does not go against showing respect to the opponent. In short, insults are not encouragement. Nervión should be a place which lifts its team without abusing the opposition. Doing the opposite goes against the values of our club. Tolerance and respect amongst fans are an inherent part of football, just like encouraging your players.

In this sense, Sevilla FC reaffirm their unwavering commitment against violence and with the compliance of the rules which regulate football clubs in terms of prevention and eradication of violence, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance. Sevilla FC, furthermore, show their adhesion to the campaign AFICIÓN+RESPETO: VIVE EL FÚTBOL started by La Liga. Likewise, the Club reminds fans that the project 'Cordiality' has been developing for several seasons, with which tolerance in football is promoted, reinforcing the transmission of positive and fundamental values of sport, such as effort and teamwork, in addition to respect amongst opposing fans. These values have been promoted in the Club for some years, with our youngest fans learning them through the school programme Sácale + Partido al Cole.

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