Andrés Palop with the second Europa League
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The Valencian spoke to SFC Radio on the day which marks ten years since Sevilla FC won their second Europa League title

Andrés Palop spoke to SFC Radio this Tuesday, on the tenth anniversary of the Europa League triumph over Espanyol in Glasgow: "The years are passing and now it's been a decade, but you always have that with you.

It was a spectacular day, not just on a personal level, because winning the UEFA Cup for the second year was, for everyone, the confirmation of a project, a structure and a greatness which was on the rise. Belonging to Sevilla FC at that time is something that makes us all proud".

The goalkeeper received a great deal of praise following the victory, but he prefers to focus on the collective effort: "I've always said that the main thing was the team.

Without that, Palop would not have been able to score that goal in Donetsk, and without the goals that Adriano and Kanouté score in the final, we wouldn't have been able to get to penalties. Everything counts and the goalkeeper, for better or worse, is often a protagonist.

At that moment it was for positive reasons and saving three penalties was a great thing. I'd seen a goalkeeper do it in finals, but being there it was an intense experience".

Palop recognised that what the team had done the previous year against Middlesbrough helped: "The dressing room was very similar to that of the previous year and the new arrivals had adapted very well.

In the final it was very useful having the experience of Eindhoven, where we were more nervous and there was more uncertainty. In Glasgow we were able to retain the title against an Espanyol side who were unbeaten and had knocked out the likes of Werder Bremen. We had all that in mind".

 "In Glasgow it was very useful having the experience of Eindhoven"

"There's always nervousness but there way a key moment. You can't guess where the penalties are going to go so your nerves rise because you want to help the team and you see it as your opportunity to do so.

"That first penalty save from Luis García gave me a lot of confidence. I told my teammates that they had to score because I would see to stopping theirs. When Alves missed it could've levelled the score, but I guessed the right way for Jonatas' penalty and it was Torrejón's penalty when I knew that the cup was ours." 

Palop was able to maintain his focus, despite the electric atmosphere in the ground.

"All of my concentration was focused on reacting as well as possible to the penalty and I just didn't want to get it wrong," he said.

"You don't hear the supporters and you only see what is in front of you. When I saved it I ran off and looking back it makes me laugh now. Normally you'd go to your teammates, but I went towards where the Sevilla fans were.

"What I wanted was to get close to our supporters and for them to get as close to our joy as possible."

The 43-year-old reflected on Sevilla's fortunes this season, with fourth place confirmed after the game against Real Madrid on Sunday.

"It was very exciting in the first stretch of the season," he explained. "But it's difficult because the league season is very long and the teams are put under more and more pressure, which only the biggest teams can deal with. 

"There was a key moment when the side were knocked out of the Champions League and it seemed to weigh on them. Despite that, they've managed to secure fourth place and we have to congratulate them, because it's a very important challenge for the club."

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