Sevilla FC's official Social Media


Sevilla FC consolidate their growth on social media, as the official Spanish Twitter account grew 30% in followers and 54% in engagement

Sevilla FC celebrate their continual growth off the pitch: the official Spanish Twitter account has hit one million followers. And that's just the Spanish account, with hundreds of thousands more spread out between the official English, Japanese and Arabic accounts, in addition to accounts for the Women's team, the academy, the Club store, the History Department and the Club Foundation.

The feat speaks of Sevilla FC's growth on Social Media, not just on Twitter. The Club have over 5.6 million followers across their platforms, with the largest cohort coming from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. The growth has particularly accelerated over the last year in which the pandemic obliged a stronger network to be created online between clubs and fans. The account grew 30% in followers in the year, while engagement was up 54%.

Moving away from the Spanish account, Sevilla FC are currently experiencing rapid growth in Asia. The Chinese Sina Weibo account grew 8.8%, while the Japanese Twitter account had a 10.7% jump in followers.

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