Nolito after signing his contract
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The Sanlúcar born player faced the media before travelling to Japan to join up with the squad
Cuerpo Superior

Nolito faced the official Sevilla FC Media right before setting off for Japan. His first experience as a Sevilla FC player, his arrival at San Pablo airport, had already made an impression: "I was not expecting a reception like that, it has never happened to me before. I'm very happy here in my homeland and now it's time to get going. It was a coincidence, I've always said. In fact right after I met the President. There will be people 

Asked if he aspired to win trophies, the attacker doesn't doubt: "Sevilla FC is a club that wins titles, they have a great team which is among the best in Spain and of course I'd like to win trophies here." On the other hand, he admits that when Sevilla FC came knocking, he didn't doubt his decision: "I was extremely excited from the first moment this option arose. Also with the coaches idea and with a squad like this I didn't think twice. There were moments were I had a hard time because the operation got complicated, but in the end everything turned out well." 

Also, he doesn't think that the fact that Berizzo and him know each other will give him a head start over his teammates: "This is just a new chapter. Coach knows me, but there is a good squad, good players so I'll have to be at the top of my game. It's a difficult year and our rivals are making good signings, we'll have to be up to scratch."

Cuerpo Inferior

He hasn't been able to get to know the squad yet, but he will in the next few hours in Osaka: "I haven't had time, but from what I've seen on the pitch from last year is that there is a good atmosphere in the dressing room. There won't be a problem, I already know Sergio Rico from the national team and I'm sure we'll all get along great."

To conclude, he made clear that the first big test for the team will be mid August: "We have many objectives, but principally now we have the Champions League because there is a lot at stake. We'll try to prepare ourselves so that we can fulfil the objective."