Vincenzo Montella entrenador del Sevilla FC
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Although Vincenzo Montella gave nothing away about tomorrow's starting eleven, he stressed the importance of following the plan no matter what happens and not conceding any goals early on with hopes to secure passage to the semi-finals

Vincenzo Montella believes that, however difficult it may seem, there is a chance of victory at the Allianz Arena this Wednesday. As he explained in this evening's press conference ahead of the clash, where he was accompanied by player Franco Vázquez: "The minutes are long and what's most important is that we remain in the game in the whole time, playing with balance and patience. We do not have to make calculations, and play the same match as the first leg whatever happens. We have to be focussed the entire time, we have to give off a good image, and if we believe it is possible we will be able to do it. What's most important is that we don't concede any goals in the first-half".

Despite the team's painful defeat in Vigo, the Italian trusts that the team can repeat previous good performance: "The other day we started well, with ambition, with our heads in the game and with opportunities to score. After the first goal and during the second-half we lost our balance, we didn't play as a team. We have to be confident in our attack". The coach gave nothing away with regards to tomorrow's starting eleven: "I reveal the team firstly to the players and then to the press. Tomorrow it will be released, we still have a training session and I would prefer not to say yet".

"We need to try and not concede in the first half, not make calculations and play the same match as the first leg" 

With regards to what has gone wrong at times, the coach gave his interpretation: "I have my analysis, and I can say that we lose balance when we rush to come back from a negative scoreline. We do not play as a team and I believe that this has caused more problems for us in La Liga than in the Champions League". He also assured that, at times, luck is necessary: "I am not superstitious, but in our last three matches we haven't been lucky. If we believe it is possible, I am sure that our luck will return and I hope that it does tomorrow".

With regards to those who believe the tie is decided, Montella spoke about the respect from rivals: "I haven't been here long, but I believe that we deserve to be here. The team has conquered on the pitch and I think that Sevilla is a respected team, not only by Spanish opponents but also those outside of Spain". 


"I haven't been at the Club long, but I believe that the team deserves to be here"

That being said, the Italian knows that it's not going to be easy, acknowledging that the side will need to be direct in their attack: "Tomorrow the team will have to fight and work hard, possibly with a little bit of luck on their side. We will look to be compact. In the first-leg it seemed that Bayern had more possession, but at the end that wasn't the case. At times the eye deceives you, but possession isn't what's most important, it is pushing forward and looking for the goal when the opportunity presents itself".

Speaking about available players for tomorrow, he spoke about an important player that will return tomorrow after his ban: "Banega is an important player for us, but we still had a good match the other day despite his absence. We have other players that we can play in that position. Pizarro played well in the first-leg, with different qualities".


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