Montella, in the Sevilla FC press room
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"We need to be physically ready, very focused but also excited", he said

With a media presence like never before in the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán - more than 20 television cameras in the Sevilla press room - Vincenzo Montella spoke to the media ahead of tomorrow's Champions League blockbuster with Manchester United. For Montella the key is to keep emotions mastered: "Tomorrow we have to be better than against Atlético because against Atlético we were excited but now we have more experience and a month's work under our belts. I hope the team plays with the same spirit but with less emotion".

On the physical side of things, he seemed calm: "I'm confident. It's a difficult match. We need to be physically ready, very focused and also excited. It's a good moment to prepare for this kind of match... These are elite level matches, you have to be concentrated, quick, sharp mentally and physically, then tomorrow we'll have to play in that same way, we have to be alert". 

"These are elite level matches, you have to be concentrated, quick, sharp mentally and physically"

Montella also spoke about José Mourinho: "I'm very excited because he was a pioneer in his way of working. I've read his books, I've studied his tactics... He's undoubtedly a trainer you have to study".

"It's very exciting to prepare for this kind of match, I hope it will be even better tomorrow... I'm happy in these moments, for the club, for the players, for the fans, because tomorrow is a huge day", he added. 

"I'm very excited. I've read his books and studied his tactics"

Asked about Mourinho's experience and who has the advantage: "Definitely Mourinho. I don't know how many matches he's played... 137 more than me... So I think it's important for me to play with my inexperience, with my inconsistency and we have to play with enthusiasm".

On the game itself: "Every game has its different phases. There are moments where you have to defend, others where you have to attack and others where you have to let your opponent get a bit closer to your goal... Every team has to know how to treat each phase of play. I imagine United will attack just as well as they defend".

Speaking about the fitness of two potential difference makers: "Correa is fine. He wasn't allowed to finish training yesterday because we wanted to save him. He finished training today. Physically he's fine and can play tomorrow". 

"Muriel and Sarabia are players who will sacrifice for the team"

He was also asked about Muriel and Sarabia: "Muriel has improved a lot this year. I think after this last year in Sampdoria he's showing more sacrifice and more technical ability. He can improve a lot and I hope he improves, just like Sarabia. They're players who have sacrifice, with the ball and when the ball is with our opponents".

Finally, he showed his calm over Arana: "Arana is a great player. He's come from a different league with more than a month of rest. He has to learn the new league, with a new coach, new teammates. Patience... he has time ahead of him". 

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