Ahmed, aficionado sevillista en Bagdad
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Two Sevillistas have sent out a call to arms to the Sevilla Family to help get the two fans from Iraq and Russia respectively to the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán

The Sevilla Family isn't just made up of Andalusians, nor is it completed by far-strung Spaniards who travel from all corners of the country to see their team play; the Sevilla FC fanbase has crossed borders, primarily in the last century. By consequence, many supporters - due to distance or resources - can only dream of being able to experience a match at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán.

Two Sevillistas who currently are not in sunny Seville, but in Birmingham and Luxembourg, have set out to fulfill the dream of two other long-distance Sevillistas from much further away and who have never had the opportunity to travel to Nervión. The first, Ahmed, lives in Iraq - where he founded Bagdad's Antonio Puerta Academy in a bid to spread Sevillismo. Being so close to a Sevilla Champions League fixture in Turkey when the Nervionenses travelled to face Istanbul Basaksehir this summer, Ahmed saw an unmissable opportunity and scraped together just enough money to be able to see his team play with his own eyes six months ago

It was the same for Alex, a Russian from Rostov, who travelled 22 hours by train to watch his team play in Moscow against Spartak this season. Two unforgettable experiences for them, but still, it couldn't compare to watching a match at home. 

Both were able to see Sevilla play away from home in Istanbul and Moscow respectively

With the help of local fan-clubs 'Mi tío tenía razón', Rotes Blut de Luxemburgo and PS Coca de la Piñera, two other Sevillistas have made a call to arms to all Sevillistas, in a bid to help Alex and Ahmed attend a match this season in the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán. With the help of the club, which will also donate to the cause, it asks for the coming together of all fans, who can donate to the open account of the 'Mi tío tenía razón' fan-club, to help cover the costs of getting Ahmed and Alex to Seville. The account number is as follows: ES4600190050094010125230. 

According to calculations, in order to cover the two Sevillistas' travel and accommodation expenses, 3,000 euros would need to be raised. Ahmed has also begun the process of obtaining a visa. If the amount is not reached, all money donated will instead go to the Antonio Puerta Academy in Baghdad. Don't hesitate, donate!


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