Pablo Machín in the press room in the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán
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Sevilla FC's manager spoke openly about the many names that keep coming up 48 hours before the market closes.

As well as the game tomorrow against Sigma Olomouc, Pablo Machín referred to the transfer market which is in its last days. In fact, the manager referred firstly to Mariano  Diaz: 'Disappointed is what I would be if our biggest signing got injured on his first day. That would have no solution, but as you'll see there will be movement in these remaining hours. It was known we were interested in him, that he was an appealing player and that this could happen with Real Madrid. We had to try and run this risk because we want to be as ambitious as we possibly can. Now, we will be able to look at other alternatives. I hope that the necessary players come and that they improve what we have. After that we'll see, because players will come, and it's not just me saying that but also the Sporting Team. It doesn't depend only on what you want, it depends on what the market offers. In accordance with the market another two or maybe even three players will come.'

Going back to the striker, he stated 'I did not speak with Mariano, but I received proof he was excited to come to us. I normally don't speak with possible signings because there are other people who do this for me, given that the club is who signs the players and not me. Beyond my opinion, which is only one opinion, I only hope the player who comes is a good player and we will be happy. I don't think less of any signing, only in giving him the right conditions to show his ability.'

Beyond my opinion, which is only one opinion, I only hope the player who comes is a good player and we will be happy

Machín also addressed other strikers whose name have come up: 'Mayoral is a good player, I like him and maybe he doesn't have the experience that others have but he is appealing. He's played for Spain in every youth category and starting for the U21s says a lot. I never guarantee to a player that they will play, but I can say confidently that the player who shows me he deserves to play will play. I think we need to make use of all of our players because we have enough games to do so. Obviously your performances on the pitch are important, so if you're in a good moment, you'll play more.'

Even with more arrivals up-front, Machín doesn't think there will be too many strikers: 'Everything is relative. I think the clear centre-forward is André Silva due to his qualities. The rest can adapt, because Muriel can produce more in behind and Ben Yedder is a goal scorer if the team get the ball to him in the right positions. A coach should never limit himself to just one system, they should allow their players the chance to show their qualities. More than on positions, everything is based on what the player can offer in the position.


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